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The Diamond Rock

It is a small, uninhabited island about two kilometers from Diamond Point in the St. Lucia Canal. The island owes its name to its beveled shape, as well as the reflections of its walls at certain times of the day, evoking those of a precious stone.

The Trois Rivières Distillery

located in the town of Sainte Luce in southern Martinique, founded by Fouquet in the 18th century. Visit and tasting of rum.

The Knight Island

The Chevalier islet is a small uninhabited island of the peninsula of St. Anne.
le rocher du diamant
distillerie 3 rivières
Ilet Chevalier

Anse Figuier

On the road to the southern beaches, the beach of Anse Figuier is a beautiful sandy beach.
Family beach, landscaped: picnic area, playground
Anse figuier et sa plage
Anse figuier et sa plage

The Tombolo

The "tombolo" is a word of Italian origin, it designates the tongue of land connecting the island of St. Mary to the coast.
Le Tombolo à sainte Marie
Le Tombolo à sainte Marie
Le Tombolo à sainte Marie